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Oakland seems indifferent to potential NFL city swap

In San Diego, Mayor Kevin Faulconer is the face of the city’s push to retain the Chargers and keep the team from heading to a new stadium in Los Angeles, this week promising $350 million in support from the city

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DMV issues 400,000 licenses to unauthorized immigrants

The California Department of Motor Vehicles issued nearly 400,000 driver licenses to unauthorized immigrants from January through June, following the start of a contested new law that green-lighted such action. The Safe and Responsible Drivers Act was passed by the

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Gov. Brown pardons 105 ex-cons, rescinds one

Gov. Jerry Brown offered Christmas Eve pardons to 105 Californians. But before the paperwork reached the Secretary of State’s office, that number was reduced by one. After facing questions from the Los Angeles Times, Brown retracted the pardon of Glen

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Public pension struggles roil CA

The public pensions crisis has not subsided in California — nor has the conflict that surrounds it. A waves of political, legal and policy developments have kept the issue at the center of the state’s attention. In addition to a key election and

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Even L.A. Times hints sequester cuts are theater

March 24, 2013 By Chris Reed The Federal Aviation Administration’s announcement that 11 air control towers in California will shut down on Sunday, April 7, because of sequestration cuts to the federal budget is offered up by the administration as

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