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CA students struggle on nationwide exams

California fared poorly in the latest round of a bellwether series of key elementary and middle-school tests. “What’s sometimes called the Nation’s Report Card, a sampling of fourth- and eighth-graders in reading and math, painted a dismal picture of a state that insists it

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Affirmative action attacks GATE school program 41

May 4, 2012 By Katy Grimes SACRAMENTO–If you thought that affirmative action was dead in California, think again. In fact, California Democrats behave as if it was never outlawed, and continue to pass laws mandating racial preferences. The Assembly passed

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‘Unemployed’ Protected From Employers 4

Katy Grimes: The state is trying to prevent employers from legally looking into the employment backgrounds of job applicants. A bill claiming to “protect” the unemployed from discrimination by potential employers is making its way through the Legislature. The government

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