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California scrambles to pick up housing pace

  The rush is on to find a way to amp up available housing in California. Amid new reports claiming that housing has become unaffordable across the state, legislators, officials and activists have begun a rush for solutions.  “In its first

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New influx of federal funding for CA mortgage relief

  The federal government has supplied California with additional funds and time to continue its multi-year foreclosure relief program. The effort “intended to prevent home foreclosures that was expected to shut down next year is instead being expanded and extended following a new influx

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CA middle class fleeing to lower-cost states

New data has brought a new urgency to the souring fortunes of California’s middle class. “Not only are Californians leaving the state in large numbers, but the people heading for the exits are disproportionately middle class working families — the demographic backbone of

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Google jumps into CA housing market

Google has broken into the real estate industry. Convinced that a big market still exists for bargain-seekers, the tech giant launched a mortgage calculator and recently debuted a new mortgage comparison feature. “Google predicted that nearly one in two borrowers still don’t

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Developer lobby helping to promote $9 billion education bond

A $9 billion school-construction bond that voters will decide on in November 2016 will be promoted heavily by titans in the construction industry that stand to profit mightily if the measure passes. The stakes for builders are high; failure to

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Denying CA’s Plight Won’t Ease It

Jan. 23, 2012 Years ago, after starting to report and editorialize on news events in an old factory city in Ohio, I was quickly dubbed a “negative” for pointing out the disastrous government spending, housing and tax policies embraced by

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