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Cannabis delivery in California headed toward legal battle

In 2016, many California police chiefs and sheriffs opposed to legalized recreational marijuana use were placated by a provision in Proposition 64 that said local governments would have the right to block recreational sales. The Ballotpedia overview of Proposition 64

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CalWatchdog Morning Read – November 9

Supermajority eludes Democrats Ballot measure breakdown Congressional update Good morning. As you know, Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States in what felt like another mini Republican wave election. In fact, Republicans seemed to have fought

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CalWatchdog Morning Read – November 7

Prop. 66 caps death penalty appeals at five years. What happens then? 10 things to know about the measure to legalize pot Is CAGOP losing the Vietnamese-American voting bloc?  Brown fights Prop. 53 hard, supporter cries foul What happens to AG

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CalWatchdog Morning Read – October 31

Rules on driverless cars tick off industry Democratic voters looking to over-perform this cycle Republican brand is toxic in CA Big breaks to businesses equal billions of dollars How would legal pot in CA work with federal laws? Good morning

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CalWatchdog Morning Read – October 4

UC’s Napolitano fights for free speech on campuses How resolutions waste taxpayer time and money for little benefit Medical marijuana community split on legal pot State bar association seeks bailout from state Supreme Court Recap of top bills from last

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CA pot faces bureaucratic, corporate future

With legal recreational marijuana potentially around the corner in November, California’s public and private sector has scrambled to keep up. In both cases, observers have suggested, the likely result will be increased centralization of what was once a scattered, underground industry.

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