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CA should emulate MI jobs creation

Commentary Dec. 21, 2012 By Chriss Street With the California unemployment still well above the national average, the Golden State might look to the Auto State for how to spur job growth. Last week, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signed legislation to

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Audacity! Mich. shows Calif. GOP how to revive party

Dec. 12, 2012 By John Seiler When I was growing up in Michigan in the 1960s, the Democratic Party mostly dominated the state. Kennedy, Johnson and Humphrey won the presidential contests. Democrats controlled the Legislature. And labor unions dominated the

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MI Cuts Taxes; Why Not CA?

John Seiler: Michigan has been mired in a Depression a lot longer than California. But late last year its unemployment rate, long the worst in the nation, dropped to third-worst. California moved up to second-worst, behind Nevada. Michigan and California

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California Joblessness 2nd Worst

John Seiler: California’s unemployment rate for November stayed the same, at 12.4%, placing it second worst in the nation; tied with Michigan. Only Nevada is worse, at 14.3%. Michigan improved from 12.8% the month earlier. And with a new Republican

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