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Lawmakers Oppose Circumcision Ban

(Editor’s note: This blog has been corrected.) Katy Grimes: Today [July 21, 2011] at 3:30 in San Francisco, three state legislators are trying to stop the city of San Francisco from infringing on people’s religious rights. First introduced as a

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School Food Statism Makes Kids Sick

JULY 18, 2011 With many public schools now feeding children breakfast and lunch, and even forbidding parents to send homemade lunches to school for their children, it is obvious that the state has decided that it is a better parent.

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City's Beef With A Poultry Processor

Katy Grimes: The city of Sacramento is quickly on its way to infringing on the life, liberty and property rights of yet another business and land owner. New American Poultry, a family owned Sacramento poultry processor with 30 employees, has outgrown

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