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CalWatchdog Morning Read – Election Day

How much would a Democratic supermajority in Sacramento matter legislatively? What races we’re watching Cultural significance of California’s U.S. Senate race CSU tuition increase? Toxic air detected in Paramount  Good morning. Happy Election Day. There are so many storylines today, but

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Survey: Californians support state’s environmental laws, could do more

Californians think the state could do more and spend more to clean up the environment, according to a new poll. According to a Public Policy Institute of California poll released Wednesday, a majority of Californians support government efforts to improve the

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Legislators propose differing plans to fund state-wide highway repair

  There is consensus that California’s roads and highways must be fixed. There is no consensus how the fix should be paid for. A Special Session legislative meeting Friday was called a first step in finding agreement to the funding problem.

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Brown warns climate fight will cost trillions, disrupt lifestyle

Gov. Jerry Brown warned at a recent climate change workshop that trillions of dollars, the transformation of our way of life and a worldwide mobilization on the scale of war will be required to stave off climate change’s “existential threat”

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SB350 support hinges on cost vs. environmental protections

Looking at the results of the California Business Roundtable/California Manufacturing & Technology Association poll on Senate Bill 350, the new climate change policy being considered in the CA Legislature, you can almost see how campaign arguments would be formulated if

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As Legislature reconvenes, businesses hone the art of the deal

What’s business looking for in the remaining legislative session and what kind of deals are being discussed to get there? A number of large business organizations have offered support for funding sources to be used for transportation infrastructure purposes on

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