Brown warns climate fight will cost trillions, disrupt lifestyle

Global WarmingGov. Jerry Brown warned at a recent climate change workshop that trillions of dollars, the transformation of our way of life and a worldwide mobilization on the scale of war will be required to stave off climate change’s “existential threat” to mankind.

Brown also said the problem is so complex that it’s likely no one knows how to solve it.

Emissions Targeted

The governor conveyed his warning at the California Air Resources Board’s Oct. 1 workshop, “California Climate Change Scoping Plan: 2030 Target.”

The 2030 target reduces California’s greenhouse gas emissions to 40 percent below 1990 levels in the next 15 years. Brown also designated a 2050 target: emission reduction to 80 percent below the 1990 level.

The 2030 target is “the most aggressive benchmark enacted by any government in North America to reduce dangerous carbon emissions over the next decade and a half,” said Brown in an April 29 statement.

The governor began his remarks at the workshop with an admission of ignorance on climate change science.

“I come today because this is a topic that is not easy to grasp,” he said. “It’s complicated. The more you dig into controlling air pollution or measuring greenhouse gas emissions or attempting to understand the [climate] models that examine and attempt to predict how world climate patterns will change over time, it definitely is a very complicated science that we mere lay people just get little glimpses of.”

That complexity makes it easy for climate change skeptics to disseminate misinformation, according to Brown.

“It allows people who have bad motives or soft minds to then raise doubts that are not based on science or facts, but are able to be communicated without people reacting with total ridicule,” he said. “And it takes enough knowledge that it’s hard to be in this conversation at any level of depth.

Relying on Climate Scientists

Brown said we should rely on climate change scientists who “have clearly stated that human beings and the industrial activity of our modern lives is affecting climate by building up heat-trapping gases, and that the effects over time will be catastrophic.”

“When and how all of that unfolds is something that cannot be said on a precise date,” he continued. “But we know with a high degree of confidence that we are facing an existential threat to our well being and the well being of the generations that come afterwards.”

Brown acknowledged that the public has thus far been largely indifferent to the climate change issue, ranking it well below crime and jobs among issues they are most concerned about. That indifference or ambivalence may be due to the omnipresence of fossil fuels in the quality of our lives.

“What we are looking at is making a shift in the way life shows up,” Brown said. “We are who we are because of oil, coal and natural gas. Fossil fuels is what makes it. I assume that most of the people here are here because fossil fuels got you here, clothed you, medicated or whatever way you are functioning as a modern person, you are dependent on fossil fuels.

“So when we say we are going to reduce [emissions by] 10 percent, 20 percent, 40 percent, we are setting forth a huge challenge that is very easy to state. But anybody who has any understanding of what is implied by what is being called for, realizes this cannot be done lightly or without a mobilization globally that we have never seen before outside of time of war.”

Potential Economic Meltdown

Brown, citing a Sept. 29 speech by the Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney, warned there is a potential for a global economic meltdown when energy companies are forbidden from using up to a third of their fossil fuel resources.

“Once it becomes conventional wisdom, once we get it that climate change is going to be catastrophic and that becomes clear and vast majorities of people at all levels of society agree with that, it may be too late because we’ll be too far down the road,” he said.

“If the oil and gas companies are undermined, the financial system itself can be undermined. We can’t wait until everybody gets it. We have to start now.”

Brown said the state’s current annual output of 460 million tons of carbon dioxide-equivalent emissions must be reduced to 431 million tons by 2020 and down to 260 million tons by 2030.

“To go from 460 where we are to 260, that takes heroic effort, scientific breakthroughs, massive investments, a lot of cooperation and a political understanding that does not exist today,” he said. “So this is not stuff for amateurs. This is quite challenging.”

“It’s a political problem,” Brown continued, “but also it’s a technical problem. And it’s going to require a lot of breakthrough, a lot of research and billions, tens of billions of dollars, invested by many, many different sources.”

It will also require Californians driving a lot less, he said, by living closer to where they work and telecommuting. “Californians drive over 330 billion miles a year – 32 million vehicles of various kinds moving around on almost entirely fossil fuel,” he said. “We’re going to reduce and take fossil fuels out of our lives and out of the economy.

“And we’re going to creep our prosperity and ability to keep inventing and improving the quality of everybody’s life. And not only here, but we’re going to do it all over the world. And we’re going to add a couple billion people besides and probably another billion cars.”

Changing Lifestyles

The governor admitted, “How the hell we do that, probably nobody knows. But the people who have the best understanding and the best capability to do things [are] right here.”

Brown acknowledged that it will be a big challenge convincing people to change their lifestyles. He also admitted that even getting the conversation started is tough:

In my world of politics this is … a dark reality that you just can’t even talk about. Because it’s too obscure, too complicated, it’s not high in the polls, “don’t bother me now.” But if that mood persists … it will be too late then, and there will be a real catastrophe.

People don’t like to think that something horrible could happen. We all like our happy time news in the morning. But you got to see it, and then we have to take steps to make sure it doesn’t happen.

This is about taking the steps to deal with fuels, the investment in biofuels, [energy] efficiency in appliances and buildings, across the whole range of how our modern civilization works, within the limited reach that the Air Resources Board has confidence and the legal authority to do, which is quite a lot. Everything that can be done will be done. California will do what it has to do.

Leading the Way

Brown believes California is setting an example other states and countries will follow.

“People know about California, people are watching what’s going on, and there’s a lot of goodwill to get us to the goal,” he said. “Of course, it’s going to take a lot more than goodwill. It’s going to take billions, trillions of dollars. And it’s going to take commitment all over the world.”

Brown’s pep talk received a standing ovation. After the applause died down, CARB Chairwoman Mary Nichols said, “You can see why I get up raring to go to work every morning.”

Facing Opposition

No one at the workshop questioned whether California’s efforts will do much to prevent the planet’s climate from changing, and whether the cost will be worth it.

But state Sen. Andy Vidak, R-Hanford, issued a statement on Oct. 7 in opposition to Brown signing into law Senate Bill 350, which mandates an increase in renewable energy among other emission reduction actions:

The district I represent is still reeling from the Great Recession and the devastating years-long drought. Too many people in rural and inland communities are impoverished; standing in food lines because they can’t find work to make ends meet.

Senate Bill 350 is a devastating measure that will force already-struggling families deeper into poverty by drastically increasing energy costs that are already some of the highest in the nation.

It’s wrong when parents have to choose between the necessities of keeping the lights on and feeding their children. The governor’s signature on SB350 kicks folks while they are down. It is a selfish gesture designed to fluff up his “legacy” and pander to coastal elites’ “environmental” self-righteousness.”

The impact on most Californians from the state’s climate change regulations has been minimal thus far. The state has been averaging a 1 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions annually. That pace is projected to continue through 2020, and is enough to meet the 2020 reduction goal.

But residents and businesses will be hit harder after that. Emissions will need to be reduced by at least 5.2 percent annually from 2020 to 2030 in order to meet the 2030 target.

“This gives an indication of the challenge of the work that we have ahead of us in the scoping plan to develop an approach, to develop a set of measures that can contribute to and achieve this ambitious greenhouse gas reduction level for 2030,” said ARB Assistant Executive Officer Michael Gibbs.

An analysis of the economic impacts of the climate change regulations will be conducted as a part of the scoping plan. No cost estimates were provided at the workshop, but several officials in addition to Brown said that billions of dollars in increased funding will be required.

“Investment in [energy] efficiency [in buildings] will need to be quadrupled or quintupled from today’s levels in order to reach the scale necessary to meet the 2030 and 2050 goals,” said Patrick Saxton, representing the California Energy Commission. “Clearly this is much more than ratepayers and taxpayers can fund on their own.”

Regional workshops on the scoping plan will be held this fall; the Air Resources Board will receive an update on Nov. 19. The draft plan is scheduled to be released in spring 2016. The final plan is expected to be approved in fall 2016.


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  1. Bruce
    Bruce 12 October, 2015, 11:08

    Brown and Obama must be heavily invested or indebted to green. Have them both explain how a 206 yr. solar cycle, aka the Maunder and Dalton Minimums wreaked havoc on earth? Let this be part of the discussion. Why the hurry and desperation Obama and Brown? People may figure the sun has more influence than man?

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    • Just Another Disgruntled Citizen
      Just Another Disgruntled Citizen 12 October, 2015, 19:59

      I don’t understand what you are referring to by the “Maunder and Dalton Minimums” that wreaked havoc on earth. I will be checking that out.

      But, if by this you are referring to temporal physical laws based on the universal, immutable Laws of God and Nature, something beyond the ability of human beings to influence or control, then I offer this as a way of saying thank you for expanding my horizons:

      “Stand by the roadside and watch,
      and ask for the ancient paths,
      where the good way is,
      that you may walk in them,
      and find rest for your souls.”
      Jeremiah 6:16

      Look to the wisdom.

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  2. Dyspeptic
    Dyspeptic 12 October, 2015, 11:30

    So we need to spend trillions and trillions of dollars and profoundly disrupt the lives of billions of people to maybe, possibly, sort of solve a “problem” that Governor Clown admits is so complex it may be unsolvable.

    If Jerry and his elitist libtard friends were really serious about climate change they would set an example by profoundly disrupting their own posh lifestyles to show the rest of us how it’s done. Anyone see Jerry and friends bicycling to work or downsizing to one of those teeny tiny houses that seem so strangely popular these days? I bet Tom Steyer’s mansion has enough air conditioning to cool Bombay in August.

    Climate control is just like gun control. It’s all about them controlling us. The rest of it is just bovine excrement.

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    • Just Another Disgruntled Citizen
      Just Another Disgruntled Citizen 17 October, 2015, 13:57

      Good shot!

      I think you really hit the nail on the head when you said “we need to spend trillions and trillions of dollars and profoundly disrupt the lives of billions of people to…solve a ‘problem’ that…is so complex it may be unsolvable”.

      Did you know Governor Brown is going to move into the old governor’s mansion in downtown Sacramento, a historic landmark that needs a year’s worth of renovation first? He grew up there, of course, when his daddy was governor. It is a typical Victorian house, charming and stuff, but not very comfortable.

      You know, too, that bovines are the cause of global warming. But, we humans now have a clean technology that converts manure into clean methane gas that can be converted to clean liquid methane to power our evil fossil-fueled autocars. And best of all, this is a resource that is offered for free by dairyfarms and cattle ranches.

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  3. Mstarr
    Mstarr 12 October, 2015, 11:53

    Speaking of bovine excrement, let’s wake up and realize the profound impact of animal agriculture while we still can make a difference! It cuts across lines of water shortages, ocean pollution and depopulation, forest destruction, greenhouse gas emissions, not to mention human health (diabetes, heart disease, obesity). Reducing or eliminating use of animals for food can make such a huge impact, way more than driving a Prius. You can learn more by watching Cowspiracy on Netflix (or go to to download).

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    • Just Another Disgruntled Citizen
      Just Another Disgruntled Citizen 12 October, 2015, 15:05

      Would you be interested if somebody was able to raise some serious questions to counter the points you’ve made?

      For example, the assertion that beef critter and dairy cows are destroying the planet with their urine, manure and flatulence may or may not be proved. But, there are problems with the solutions Cowplicity-buffs insist must be carried out or face catastrophe.

      For one thing, I seem to remember something about vast herds of buffalo sweeping majestically across North America, millions of them, and pound-for-pound, they must have generated as much flatulence, urine and manure as a modern beef critter. And they weren’t the only ones. Grain-based diets do that to whoever eats them.

      And, if a high number of beef critters are kept in small places then the problem is not the critter, it’s the animal husbandry practices that are in use. Things can be done a different way.

      What about people who cannot maintain good health on a meat-free diet? What about people who need animal fats and proteins and must avoid most grains and high-carbohydrate vegetables and fruits or suffer serious illness and/or degenerative disease?

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  4. Skep41
    Skep41 12 October, 2015, 12:08

    Why doesnt our green governor take the first step by scrapping Cali’s fleet of government-provided cars, closing all automobile employee parking at State facilities and requiring state employees to get to work on public transportation? Nah! It’s us peasants who will have to make the sacrifices for his phony Climate Codswallop. If you think the Chicoms and the Indians are going to go along with this guilt-riddled degenerate elitist nonsense you have another thing coming.

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  5. Rob Anderson
    Rob Anderson 12 October, 2015, 12:18

    Hard to take Brown’s climate change program seriously as long as he wastes cap and trade money on that dumb high-speed rail project.

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  6. Ken
    Ken 12 October, 2015, 12:52

    Brown should be warning us about Brown. The guy has been in overdrive passing junk legislation by the truckload.

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  7. Emanuelle Goldstein
    Emanuelle Goldstein 12 October, 2015, 12:54

    ISIS, the Taliban, et al have taken their societies in the Middle East back to the stone age in the name of their religion, Islam.

    Brown and green cabal are taking California back to the Stone Age in the name of their particular secular religion, Gaiaism.

    The only lifestyles that will be disrupted are of the average citizens, sacrificed on the altar of Gaia.

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  8. Marty
    Marty 12 October, 2015, 13:12

    It is interesting that they are using 2030 as the date of compliance. We are now seeing the shift from Agenda 21 to Agenda 2030, both UN inspired if not controlled agendas.

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  9. desmond
    desmond 12 October, 2015, 13:16

    Wait till Putin uses tactical nukes to obliterate ISIS. Brown and Obama will piss their pants pouting over the environmental effects.
    Putin is salivating to use nukes to show the world he is to be feared.and Obama is a pussy. Obama will critique as a sign of continued weakness. Brown would have a nervous breakdown, he seems like he is close now.

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  10. Terry in El Dorado County
    Terry in El Dorado County 12 October, 2015, 14:40

    That is because the Sierra Club and other environmental groups, high dollar contributors are those who own or are heavily invested in Solar Companies. What is the amount of the tax dollars that go to Tesla?
    And now under the new Agenda 2030, supported by U.N. or Pesident and Governor, it will cost taxpayers $3.5 to $5 trillion a year, for the next 15 years. Wake up America !

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  11. Just Another Disgruntled Citizen
    Just Another Disgruntled Citizen 12 October, 2015, 15:40

    So, when the bullies and tyrants get their way and we are all living back in the Stone Age and nothing gets any better worldwide, then what?

    The article reports Brown repeatedly saying he doesn’t know enough about the Global Warming problem to understand what is going on or what to do about it. At least he is honest. All the other bullies and tyrants act like they are the last word on the subject and the rest of us would do well just to keep our mouths shut and go along with the program.

    And now Brown says he doesn’t even know if the radical legislation, executive decrees and administrative edicts will solve the problems.

    Count the cows that graze the land now and multiply their number with their average weight. Count the buffalo that used to roam North America 500 or 1000 years ago and multiply their number with their average weight. Pound for pound, do you not think they both generate flatulence, urine and manure in at least relatively equal quantities?

    And, if gas and oil and coal are verboten, then why not use bovine manure to procuce methane gas for our vehicles? I see a beautiful renewable source of energy here, and the new manure-to-methane technology is so clean now. And you can turn methane vapor into a liquid fairly economically. Plus, some dairies give away their manure free for the taking.

    Also, has anybody else in high-urban densitiy areas noticed that ever since California began requiring our petrol to be laced with Ethanol (comes mostly from good ole corn, thus driving up the price of one of the world’s staple foods poor people depend on), the air seems to contain more allergens? And the sun doesn’t shine yellow anymore. And the sky doesn’t seem so blue anymore, except if there’s a lot of wind?

    And if the Global warming bullies and tyrants were so concerned about the rise in ocean temperatures, why are they not out there on the ocean volunteering to clean up the floating islands of plastic? Or investing in one of the new, very clean tire-burning plants that could eliminate the dense, black tire-mountains that dot the planet? Or advocating fines for diesel-powered engines instead of exempting them from fuel emissions?

    Until next time, whenever these Global Warming extremists start in with a nice diatribe against all reason, maybe we could take Benjamin Franklin’s advice and just nod our heads, smile, and ask one polite little question after another until they can’t stand it anymore or the light-bulb goes on.

    It would have to be an incandescent bulb, though. LED lights are not a metaphor for Truth or Wisdom.

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  12. desmond
    desmond 12 October, 2015, 18:42

    Can t resist pointing out the “ranks” of buffalo butted three chinned SEIU nurses pumping out methane induced by deep fried chimichangas, fast food burgers, fries, and whatever passes by during feeding time. Brawny paper towels needed for the ladies.

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  13. bob
    bob 12 October, 2015, 19:36

    The Brown Tard is going to destroy the Colliefornia economy.

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  14. Queeg
    Queeg 12 October, 2015, 20:52


    Pick your cave!

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  15. Spurwing Plover
    Spurwing Plover 12 October, 2015, 21:35

    Why dont Moonbeam set a example by keeeping his flapping piehole closed the same for those twats in Hollywood it would realy go a long way to cut back on their own Hot Air and Hypocracy

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  16. Robbins Mitchell
    Robbins Mitchell 13 October, 2015, 07:42

    When it comes to eco-nazi panty wetting,Pat Brown’s little boy takes 2nd place to nobody

    Reply this comment
  17. Dude
    Dude 13 October, 2015, 20:28

    Moonbeam doesn’t care if he ushers in Armageddon as long as he saves the delta smelt. Dimotards

    Reply this comment
  18. Spurwing Plover
    Spurwing Plover 13 October, 2015, 22:28

    Hitler was a Enviromentalists he was into eastern new age mystisim he was a vegan and wanted to rewild europe,the brish isles as awell as Noth and south america just like the Back to nature gaia worshipers and granola munchers of today want to do

    Reply this comment
  19. Spurwing Plover
    Spurwing Plover 14 October, 2015, 07:29

    Save the farmers and screw the stupid delta smelt

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  20. Fed Up
    Fed Up 15 October, 2015, 19:28

    Wow. What a window into the future.

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  21. Bill - San Jose
    Bill - San Jose 15 October, 2015, 19:37

    This what they call a self-imposed pergatory. I hate people and especially those who actually thought it was a good idea to resurrect this disaster from the 70s.

    History has repeated itself due to no one knowing history.

    Next issue.

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  22. eck
    eck 16 October, 2015, 19:03

    OK Jerry, You cough-up something towards that trillions. Me, No. And it’s not gonna disrupt my lifestyle. Maybe you should go somewhere where it wouldn’t disrupt yours?? Please?

    Reply this comment
    • Dude
      Dude 16 October, 2015, 19:19

      I want Moonbeam to go somewhere where he won’t disrupt my lifestyle.

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  23. Desmond
    Desmond 18 October, 2015, 04:54

    Now, enough drought caused by you know what………… is time for,
    “It is never going to stop raining, and we care all going to die.

    Reply this comment
  24. ricky65
    ricky65 19 October, 2015, 09:01

    Jerry Clown said climate change will cost trillions and after looking at my latest electricity bill I’m pretty sure he’s right.
    Thanks Jer, Tom Steyer, Sierra Club and the rest of you eco-nazis!

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