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School Choice Week kicks off today

Today begins National School Choice Week, designed to heighten awareness for innovations in education. According to SchoolChoiceWeek.com: “Independently planned by a diverse and growing coalition of individuals, schools, and organizations, National School Choice Week features thousands of unique events and

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CA law promoting school choice, competition barely used

Advocates of education choice in California have been fighting the good fight for decades. They’ve gotten nowhere with school vouchers but have a strong record with charters — albeit a record that requires a constant struggle to defend against the

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Video: More choices means a better education

CalWatchdog.com’s Brian Calle talks to Superintendent Liz Fagen about how a robust program to offer parents and students choices about their education has helped transform Colorado’s Douglas County School District for the better.

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More ‘educators,’ less education

Dec. 17, 2012 By Katy Grimes I attended California public schools, kindergarten through college, starting in the late 1960s through the mid 1980s. While I don’t claim to have received a brilliant education, I did receive a solid liberal arts

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School Choice Goes to Head of the Class

This article first appeared in UnionWatch.org. MARCH 7, 2012 By LARRY SAND Last month, Education Week published “What Research Says About School Choice,” in which nine scholars analyze the results of various studies concerning “school choice” — the quaint notion

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CA Bucks National School-Choice Reforms

The following first appeared in City Journal California. JAN. 30, 2012 By LARRY SAND January 22 through 28 marked the second annual National School Choice Week. While much of the rest of the country can celebrate some successes since last

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