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Maviglio tweets against Duffy global-warming article 5

April 10, 2013 By John Seiler Steve Maviglio, the California Democratic activist, tweeted about Warren Duffy’s article on our site, “Facts cloud CA global warming alarmism.” Maviglio: “Glad to see @CalWatchdog still in denial about #climate change. Where can I

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Steve Maviglio, pension sage: Why it’s a laughable spectacle 32

April 2, 2013 By Chris Reed Steve Maviglio, a leading consigliere to top Sacramento Democrats for more than a decade, now regularly pretends to  a new role. Even though he’s on Speaker John Perez’s payroll, Maviglio offers himself up on

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Some bloggers still concerned about FPPC censorship 7

Sept. 18, 2012 By John Hrabe California’s chief political watchdog sent the blogosphere into a collective tizzy earlier this year. In April, Ann Ravel, chairwoman of the Fair Political Practices Commission, floated the idea that California become the first government

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Maviglio wrong on tax increase aftermath 0

Aug. 15, 2012 By John Seiler I like Steve Maviglio, the longtime Democratic and union activist and spokesperson, because he summarizes what those he represents are thinking. So it’s worth reading what he says on the the legislative vote for

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They just don’t get it… 0

May 16, 2012 By John Seiler “Humankind cannot bear very much reality,” said T.S. Eliot. Nowdays, of course, American university professors brand him a “sexist” because he didn’t say “peoplekind.” “Human” implies “man,” which excludes “woman,” and so is sexist.

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