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Geothermal: New front in CA fracking war

The war over fracking in California could soon have a second front. The Economist has become the latest publication to document how the newly refined and improved energy exploration technique using precisely aimed underground water cannons works not just to

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Scandal ‘boring’? Arrogant Jerry Brown drinks his own Kool-Aid

Feb. 6, 2013 By Chris Reed Sacramento is still buzzing over a bizarre and obnoxious scandal in which state parks officials hid $54 million while pressing to close 70 parks, and along comes another scandal in which Cal Fire hides

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Paint it Blackout: Will India-type power crashes hit Calif.?

Aug. 1, 2012 By John Seiler India is being hit with a series of blackouts that have crippled the country. It sounds a lot like California dipped in curry. From The Economist: * India has “blackouts (during peak hours the

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The Economist Mag Assaults Prop. 13

MAY 2, 2011 By K. Lloyd Billingsley The surfer, posed by what appears to be the Pacific Ocean, wears star-spangled trunks and his surfboard bears a peace sign, a highway placard bearing the number 13 and a banner reading “Direct

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