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The Tobacco Settlement Bait-And-Switch 2

Dec. 08, 2012 By Joseph Perkins “California’s lawsuit against the tobacco industry has reached a successful conclusion that provides a major victory in the fight against smoking.” So said Bill Lockyer, then the state’s attorney general, back in 1999. The

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Prop 29 tobacco tax defeated 0

June 6, 2012 Katy Grimes: Ballotpedia just reported that Proposition 29, the Tobacco tax, was defeated 50.8 percent to 49.2 percent. Whew! That was close. But in the end, I think voters are just distrustful of another tax, and particularly

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Prop 29 shaping up to be fiscal disaster 20

May 25, 2012 By Katy Grimes What do stem cell research and cancer research have in common? In California, both health causes serve as money making mechanisms for bureaucrats. Stem cell research In 2004, California voters passed the stem cell

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Sneaky Govt Expansion Tax 0

Katy Grimes: 20,000 California teachers found pink slips in their mailboxes recently.  According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the termination notices are the result of a more than $10 billion deficit and decades of reckless overspending. With California’s education bureaucracy claiming

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