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CA Democratic Convention: Marginalized group challenges party to stand for “health choice”

At this weekend’s state party convention, California Democrats went out of their way to acknowledge marginalized groups and affirm their commitment to a woman’s right to choose. “It’s a lack of respect,” House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi said of why

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Mandated vaccination bill advances

After a surprisingly fierce challenge from anti-vaccine advocates, Sacramento legislators worried about the language of the landmark new vaccination bill have succeeded in crafting a passable draft. As CalWatchdog reported previously, supporters of SB 277 discovered that its original wording

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Temperatures rise in CA vax battle

The measles outbreak has injected the California Legislature with a new urgency in dealing with vaccine issues. First up is a new bill, as yet without a number, by state Sens. Ben Allen, D-Santa Monica, and Richard Pan, D-Sacramento, the latter

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Wired: Anti-vaccine parents common in Silicon Valley

The coverage of the measles outbreak in the U.S. often makes the point that opponents of compulsory vaccination for schoolchildren are split politically between affluent leftists with New Age-y views about modern medicine and conservatives who don’t like government telling

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Bill injects mandatory vaccines into Calif. law 31

Oct. 2, 2012 By Katy Grimes California’s kids receive more than 50 childhood vaccinations. However, not all parents agree with the aggressive vaccination schedule and opt out. But this option will no longer be a choice, now that a new state law

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Vaccine bill injects drama into Capitol hearing

April 18, 2012 By Katy Grimes Debate over a vaccine bill injected drama into a hearing of the Assembly Health Committee in the California Legislature Tuesday. Legislators ignored parental concerns. And the Capitol sergeants brutalized parents holding infants. What should have

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