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Fight flares over ‘realignment,’ Prop. 47 effects on crime

The battle over state policies that some call soft on crime and some see as humane and thoughtful appears to be flaring anew, with prominent law-enforcement officials on both sides. The first of the policies was Gov. Jerry Brown’s 2011 decision

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Prop. 47’s drug-law reforms inject controversy

California’s decision to reduce sentences for some drug and property crimes has been heralded as a much needed reform of the criminal justice system. While it’s too soon to know what effect the measure is having on crime, critics charge it could jeopardize

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California tops ‘worst run cities’ list

Jan. 17, 2013 By Katy Grimes Surprise! Sacramento is on another list of ‘worst run cities’ in the nation. The website 247wallstreet.com ranked the best and worst run cities in the U.S. Ranked number 18, Sacramento is sandwiched between Reno and Chicago.

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