Voting Out the Electoral College 15

Creating over-reaching solutions for non-existent problems is what California legislators are good at. A textbook example of this is a bill awaiting Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature which would change the state’s Electoral College process.

AB 459 passed in the Legislature in July without any Republican votes. It would provide a boost to the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact  movement.

NPV has been pushing states since 2000 to replace the Electoral College system.… Read more

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Sacramento’s Delusions of Grandeur 0

Sacramento officials are still actively pursuing building a downtown sports arena and entertainment facility. Despite climbing unemployment in the region, escalating business closures, widespread home foreclosures and declining tax revenue, arena talks are in full swing. City officials have cut major services including police, fire, city park maintenance, and are even closing city swimming pools, but arena talks are in full swing.… Read more

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Calif. Jobless Above Twice Mexico’s 0

There’s a lot wrong in Mexico. The recent murder spree is one, although that’s largely because the Mexican government is following U.S. government orders to intensify the “war” on drugs. The Mexicans should tell the Yanqui to get lost.

Another part of the murder problem is that honest Mexicans can’t defend themselves against the narcotraficantes because the country has draconian gun control.… Read more

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Jerry Brown Picks His Kind of Judge 4

Gov. Jerry Brown’s decision to nominate UC Berkeley law professor Goodwin Liu to the California Supreme Court is a highly partisan poke in the eye at Republicans, given that GOP congressional criticisms led Liu, in May, to withdraw his name from contention for a slot on the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Liu might be too radical for a post on a federal appellate court, but not for a job on our state’s highest court, which is yet another reminder of California’s leftward drift.… Read more

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