AB 32- Global Warming Poll Released Today

AB 32- Global Warming Poll Released Today

A very interesting non-partisan poll commissioned by the independent AB 32 Implementation Group was released today, finding that the highly charged issues of Cap and Trade and global warming, do not have the purported support when California voters are presented with the facts and details in the bill.

Assemblyman Dan Logue (R-Marysville), the lead proponent for suspending AB 32, explained that when voters learned the real cost of implementing the bill, support for AB 32 dropped significantly. According to Logue, the poll demonstrates that twice as many voters strongly opposed the bill as supported its implementation, stating that it is critical that government leaders instead protect jobs and work for economic recovery, and not instill fear and more distrust in government through such draconian measures as Cap and Trade regulations through AB 32.

Also known as the California Global Warming Solutions Act, AB 32 will cost billions of dollars and eliminate even more jobs in California. At a time when the state’s unemployment rate has reached 12.4% with no apparent relief in our future, AB 32 would impose severe restrictions not just on businesses, but also on on California residents, including what kinds of cars we are allowed to drive, how and when we heat and cool our homes, how many children we have and size of our families, and even putting restrictions on cattle (emissions) and agriculture. Assemblyman Logue described AB 32 as having the potential for causing the “greatest loss of freedom in this country.”

The study and findings are at Assemblyman Logue’s website under “key links”: http://arc.asm.ca.gov/member/3/

The AB 32 Implementation Group released a video which offers a good explanation of how Cap and Trade works.

AB 32 Implementation Group Poll Announcement AB 32 Implementation Group Poll Announcement

– Katy Grimes

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