Arnold on taxes in 2003 vs. 2010

Here’s Gov. Arnold Schwarzeneger, when he was running for governor in 2003, solemnly pledging not to raise taxes:

I am firmly opposed to raising taxes. Californians are already overtaxed. California has one of the highest tax burdens in the nation, and just about everything a Californian does today is subject to one tax or another.

It’s unfair to accept the notion that hitting taxpayers up for more money is the answer to our state’s budget and economic problems. Politicians in Sacramento should find a better way to turn things around-not simply shift the burden of their mistakes onto the backs of taxpayers.

Last year, Arnold increased taxes a record $13 billion. And now he wants more taxes, reports the Chronicle:

Sacramento — Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has traveled around California this week touting his plan to create and retain nearly a quarter-million jobs in the state, but what he has not mentioned is that it ultimately would be paid for with a tax on businesses.

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  1. EastBay Larry
    EastBay Larry 28 January, 2010, 21:24

    I don’t blame Arnold. He can only veto or pass what our leftist congress brings to his desk.
    What congress needs to remeber is that EVERY time in history when taxes have been drastically CUT, net revenue has gone UP!

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