Where Are The Stinkin' Badges?

Today I made my fifth in-person request to the Capitol Correspondents Association for Cal Watchdog’s press credentials. Once again I was told by staffer Brian O’Hara that they still don’t have my stinkin’ badges. And today the excuse was “they are in D.C.”

“They?” Who is “they?” “They” have our press credentials?

The application for press credentials was made by Cal Watchdog mid-December. We were told that it would take a couple of weeks.

Tick tock.  Weekly phone calls. Tick Tock. Five personal visits to the office inside of the state capitol, and still the press credentials allude us.

I came across the mission statement for the Capitol Correspondents Association and it is with some irony that I read, “The mission of the Capitol Correspondents Association of California is to make it easier for news professionals who cover the state Capitol to do their jobs.”

While they are making this news professionals’ job more difficult to cover the state Capitol, I anticipate that credentials will soon be forthcoming.

Katy Grimes

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