Good side of Maldonado comedy

Everyone’s getting a hearty horse laugh over the Abel Maldonado lieutenant-governor comedy. The latest episode in “As the Capitol Turns”: Arnold is re-submitting Maldo’s nomination to the Legislature.

There’s a good side: the governor’s $500 million “jobs” bill is being delayed. Reports the L.A. Times:

The governor said he would withdraw and resubmit Maldonado’s nomination “to avoid wasting time and energy on litigation that should be spent passing a jobs package that will get Californians back to work.”

But as I wrote last month, this is just a counter-productive make-work jobs program. The government can only “create” jobs by taxing other jobs — often killing those jobs. A better idea would be to use that $500 million to reduce the $13 billion in tax increases the governor imposed on us last year. Doing so would generate more economic activity, and so more jobs.

Maldonado, meanwhile, has become a comic figure, as has everyone who nowadays comes in contact with the Governator.

— John Seiler

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