I love California!

I love California!

By John Seiler

No politics today. Instead, I enjoyed our 75-degree weather out here in Huntington Beach, wearing shorts and a T-shirt while taking my dog for a walk.

Growing up in Michigan, every year at this time I watched the Rose Bowl or the Super Bowl played out here and everybody frolicking in the sun. Then the song “California Dreamin'” would come on the radio and I’d wish I’d be out here “on such a winter’s day.”

Now I’m here! Meanwhile, Detroit was blanketed in 6 inches of snow. Washington, D.C., where I spent 5 years in the 1980s, suffered its worst snow storms ever. And even the South, including Florida, was covered in the white stuff.

So freeze in envy, America! Or come out here and join us in the warmth.

Let the Mamas and the Papas tell you about it:

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