Meg n Mitt

At this weekend’s GOP convention in Santa Clara, Meg Whitman is making all kinds of promises of reform to cut government. But her biggest action was hosting a party yesterday with Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts guv and presidential candidate.

A couple of days ago, Romney defended the Mittcare socialized medicine scheme he imposed on Massachusetts. Reported the Boston Globe:

Even though he is critical of the Democrats’ health care plan, he says his experience adjusting the Massachusetts system has led him to share their goal of universal coverage and the belief that only government can expand the number of Americans who are insured. “I’m not at all surprised to think that I have differing views on some topics than my fellow Republicans,’’ he said. “Sometimes it takes government to get government out. Government has legitimate roles in our society: set the rules, but then get out of the way and let the market work.’’

Mittcare has served as a model for the Obamacare socialized medicine scheme, even as Mittcare has failed badly.

Should she win, this is the kind of model Meg will bring to governing California. Is anybody surprised?

In politics, never believe what candidates say, only what they do, and with whom they associate.

–John Seiler

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