Why didn't GOP oppose Arnold in 2006?

Why didn't GOP oppose Arnold in 2006?

John Myers notes that the California Republican convention in Santa Clara this weekend included a fulsome denunciation of Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger:

SANTA CLARA — Leave it to Tom McClintock, long the favorite son of the California Republican Party, to say what only others hinted about all weekend.

Heck, what they’d hinted about all year.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, we’re breaking up with you.

They’re upset with his tax increases, etc.

But why didn’t Republicans denounce Arnold in similar fashion four years ago, at their 2006 convention? Instead, at the right is a YouTube of his 2006 appearance in front of a cheering GOP convention crowd.

Yet, at that time in 2006 he had just signed AB32, which already in 2010 is gutting the state economy, massacring state jobs.

And in 2006 he already had appointed as his chief of staff Susan Kennedy, who had been recalled Gray Davis’ cabinet secretary. She grabbed so much power she has been called the “Little Governor.” In effect, Arnold totally repudiated the unprecedented recall that brought him to power.

In his 2006 re-election, Arnold denounced Democratic opponent Phil Angelides’ calls for higher taxes and socialized medicine. At least Phil was honest. Once elected in November 2006, Arnold immediately called for a socialized medicine scheme similar to Angelides’, costing $12 billion! Then in 2009, Arnold signed into law a record $13 billion in tax increases.

Sure, those last two things came after Arnold was re-elected. But was anybody surprised?

So, why didn’t the GOP denounce Arnold at its two 2006 conventions?

The answer lies in family law. Arnold seduced, used, abused and abandoned California Republicans. They should hire Gloria Allred and sue him for palimony.

— John Seiler

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  1. EastBayLarry
    EastBayLarry 15 March, 2010, 08:35

    Arnold HAS been a disappointment, even before 2006.

    I hope he makes more Terminator movies after next election. He’s good at those.

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