Important government hearings

In case you were assuming that our legislators are working on the state’s broken budget, the following is from today’s Senate Daily File and is a Governmental Organization committee hearing:

                            GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION
                                  WRIGHT, Chair
                  9:30 a.m. - John L. Burton Hearing Room (4203)
S.B. No.   907  Liu. Office of Federal Funding Information and Assis-
                tance: establishment.
S.B. No.  1044  Harman. Alcohol beverage control: events.
S.B. No.  1090  Cedillo. Bingo: remote caller bingo.
S.B. No.  1096  Wiggins. Alcoholic beverages: tied-house restrictions.
S.B. No.  1231  Corbett. Public contracts: state agency: sweatshop labor:
                slave and sweat free code of conduct.
                                  PAVLEY, Chair
                               9:30 a.m. - Room 112
S.B. No.   889  Aanestad. Vacuum or suction dredge equipment: permits:
                refund. (Urgency)
S.B. No.   904  Hollingsworth. Hunting: commercial hunting clubs.
S.B. No.  1034  Ducheny. Archaeological resources: civil penalties.
S.B. No.  1058  Harman. Game hunting.
S.B. No.  1103  Aanestad. Surface mining: idle mines: low gross exemp-
S.B. No.  1173  Wolk. Recycled water.
S.B. No.  1349  Cogdill. Endangered species: experimental populations.
S.J.R. No.   18 Simitian. Marine aquaculture.

Notice the “Bingo” and “Sweatshop” bills — I know how important it is to regulate those dangerous Bingo games.

Don’t we already have sweatshop laws?

Then of course, in the Natural Sources committee, the big game hunting and hunting clubs, a scourge on society, must be dealt with in the California State Senate.

And not to leave the Assembly out, from the Assembly File hearing,


10 a.m. – State Capitol,Room 447


Measure: Author: Summary:

A.B. No. 1693 Ma. Building standards: code adoption cycle.

A.B. No. 1736 Ma. Structural Fumigation Enforcement Program.

A.B. No. 1737 Eng. State agencies: collection of demographic data.

A.B. No. 1746 Emmerson. Architects: continuing education.

A.B. No. 1762 Hayashi. Real estate.

A.B. No. 1767 Hill. Physicians and surgeons: expert testimony.

A.B. No. 1809 Smyth. Home inspections: energy audits.

A.B. No. 1820 Portantino. Office of the California Inspector General:


A.B. No. 1833 Logue. Regulations: economic impact analysis.

A.B. No. 1853 Huffman. Public contracts: bid preferences: employee
health care expenditures.

A.B. No. 1899 Eng. State agencies: information: Internet Web site.

A.B. No. 1996 Hill. Chiropractors: license renewal fee.

S.B. No. 700 Negrete McLeod. Healing arts: peer review.

Healing arts, Chiropractors, home inspections:energy audits — all pressing business, I am sure.

What about the $25 billion deficit, 12.5 percent unemployment, the 40,000 acres of farmland in the central valley that is being deprived of water where there is also 40 percent unemployment?

This is not the people’s business.

–Katy Grimes

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