Video: In violent Detroit, private citizen starts 911 service

Video: In violent Detroit, private citizen starts 911 service

May 13, 2013

By John Seiler

In bankrupt, violent Detroit, the city shut down 911 service. That provided an opening for citizen Dale Brown to start his own service. As he says in the following video, he started with a staff of “me, a dog and a rifle.”

And as he says, cops nowadays are trained to “protect themselves” above all else. But the real cop job — and the way cops were trained up until about 40 years ago — is to protect the citizens, even if the cop’s life is in danger. Brown said that the way to ending violence is not more violence by the government, but creating a safe and healthy environment. Violence is only the last resort, not the first. He said they train their police in 100 ways to resolve conflict before force is used.

Somebody from violent Oakland should look this guy up and get his advice.

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