CA unemployment record 12.6%

Yes, it can get worse.

California’s unemployment rate now has risen to 12.6%, the highest on record.

Breitbart reports: “Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said he is encouraged but said in a statement that the state needs to focus on training employees and giving employers incentives to hire them.”

Actually, the only “incentives” employers need is to repeal his record $13 billion tax increase, and repeal his jobs-slaughtering AB32.

Better yet, he should just go back to movies.

–John Seiler

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  1. EastBayLarry
    EastBayLarry 17 April, 2010, 08:26

    Yes John, to all of that.
    Does anybody have the total unemployment figures for California? You know, including those out-of-work so long that they no longer get EDD assistance and those forced into early SSI payments.

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  2. PRI
    PRI Author 17 April, 2010, 08:50

    EastBayLarry: It’s probably close to 20%. California’s regular unemployment rate of 12.6% is 2.9 percentage points higher than the U.S. number of 9.7%.

    In February, the TOTAL U.S. unemployment rate (adding those who stopped working) was 16.8 percent. 16.8% + 2.9% = 19.7 percent.

    Thanks again, Arnold.

    (Source of the 16.8 percent number:

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  3. EastBayLarry
    EastBayLarry 18 April, 2010, 07:35

    Thanks for the info, and let’s all remember to thank Obama also. Spending over a year focused on health care when unemployment is this high is worth noting.

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