Support National Donut Day

Katy Grimes: If you love donuts and are growing weary of the government dictating diet choices, today is your day.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) today urged Americans to turn National Donut Day into a day of protest against growing government intrusion into nutritional issues.   CEI urged people to eat two donuts—“one for yourself, and one as an act of patriotic civil disobedience.”

With the White House and most blue states meddling in nutrition, obesity, processed, and restaurant foods, National Donut Day should be on every citizen’s calendar of events.

As a way to tell the government to mind its own business, National Donut Day flies in the face of the rampant nanny legislation. The government is now our kitchens and pantries, banning trans fats and salt, forcing kids to count calories, outlawing the oh-so-egregious Gatorade sports drink, and taxing sodas. What next?  Is the California legislature going to offer large subsidies to organic vegetable growers and vegan restaurants?

Supersize that donut — or eat two as the CEI suggests, and express your civil disobedience while wallowing in sugary, fatty, sprinkled paradise.

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