Running From California Government

Katy Grimes: More than 10 million Americans moved from one county to another during 2008. The map below visualizes those moves.

Click on any county to see comings and goings: black lines indicate net inward movement, red lines net outward movement.

Here is a fascinating interactive map from Forbes Online that shows the astounding movement out of California, regardless of what the state’s politicians say.

Isn’t it amazing that according to the IRS,  no one is moving from Idaho or Texas to California.  But click the big government cities like Sacramento, Los Angeles or even Seattle, and it’s as though someone spilled red ink on the map.

Source: Internal Revenue Service data. The IRS only reports inter-county moves for more than 10 people, so some moves are not shown on this map

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  1. StevefromSacto
    StevefromSacto 17 June, 2010, 09:09

    This does not prove that outmigration is due to the taxes Californians pay or to so-called “big government.” It could be that people are sick and tired of the gridlock in the legislature (caused by the 2/3rds requirement for budgets), or the filthy political campaigns, or maybe even the initiative process gone wild.

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  2. John Seiler
    John Seiler 17 June, 2010, 15:54

    StevefromSacto is living in a dream world. The weather and general enjoyment of living in California is so great that you have to have a REALLY BIG reason for leaving the state, and road gridlock ain’t it; nor is it the Leiglsature, which most people outside Sacto ignore anyway; nor is it the political campaigns, which are filthy everywhere; nor even the initiative process “gone wild,” which likewise is a kind of entertainment — and in any case, most people don’t even vote.

    No, the reason people skedaddle out of the Pyrite State is the high unemployment and the high taxes and the general assault of government on every man, woman, child, and family pet in California. If you’re unemployed then you turn you back to the balmy beach and head for the humidity and thunderstorms of Texas.

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