Alan Bock, Hero Of Liberty

Steven Greenhut: I just heard that my former colleague, Alan Bock, passed away Tuesday night at age 67 after a long bout with cancer. Alan was a remarkable person, someone who had much influence on my thinking in the years we spent together on the Orange County Register editorial board. Alan epitomized the ideal of the “happy warrior,” someone who had boundless faith in the decency of his fellow human beings and who did not let political events, no matter how dire, erode his optimism. He also had a deep Christian faith, which no doubt helped him make it through this tough illness.

I’m so glad I had a chance to have a long talk with Alan a few weeks ago. He was the guidepost on the OC editorial board. His libertarianism was unwavering. He never engaged in ad hominem attacks against his political opponents. He simply knew that freedom was the best way to approach the world and that humanity was best served through voluntary arrangements rather than policies that relied on coercion. I always laugh when people accuse of libertarians of being somehow mean spirited because we oppose most government programs. When I hear such blather, I always want people to talk to Alan Bock, who is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. He was the epitome of decency, character and principle. I’m very saddened by this loss and wish his family comfort in these trying times. He will be greatly missed.

MAY 18

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