Prop. 23 will set you free

Prop. 23 will set you free

John Seiler:

The California Jobs Initiative, which effectively will suspend Arnold’s AB32 jobs-killer, was given a number today: Proposition 23.

So I’ve come up with a slogan:

Prop. 23
Will set you free.
Boo boo boo
To AB 32

Kind of catchy, don’t you think? I offer it to the pro-23 campaign free of charge. Anything to defeat the merciless Arnold’s merciless AB 32.

He doesn’t care that, thanks especially to AB 32, California’s jobless rate is 12.4%, a full 2.7 percentage points above the national rate of 9.7%. When AB 32 was passed back in 2006, the two rates were nearly even.

Arnold doesn’t care. Arnold doesn’t care. If Prop. 23 loses and the slaughter of jobs continues and intensifies, he’ll be over in Gstaad skiing with the other members of the Lifestyles of the Rich and Sleazy.

I hope the pro-23 campaign, in its TV ads, goes against the unpopular Arnold big-time. Here’s an idea: An ad shows a couple hundred people standing in an unemployment line. Then Arnold rides up on a Harley, a .50 cal. machine gun strapped to his back. He pulls it down and greases all the jobs seekers. He snarls, “I’ll be back.”

Here’s Arnold actually doing that to a police station in the first “Terminator”:

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  1. Tylerle13
    Tylerle13 30 June, 2010, 10:17

    You know, you may be on to something John. If Arnold follows through with that idea, just think of how much money the state will save since they wont have to pay unemployment benefits to those people! Arnold will be able to slash Billions off of the budget deficit without raising taxes or defunding welfare programs! You may have solved all of the states problems!!!

    Now Arnold can be loved by everyone, just like he has always dreamed of.

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  2. Takuma
    Takuma 13 March, 2012, 07:00

    Oh no! I’m going to watch all of them now ). I remember I used to get up erally early to watch them because they never aired during the day where I was growing up. Brings back the good memories ) also, rocky and bullwinkle was my other all time favorite as a kid so strange that most people have never heard of it before

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