Hey, why not increase taxes?

John Seiler:

Again late for passing a state budget by July 1, Democrats in the Legislature have come up with a witches’ brew of tax increases:

Democrats will pursue a new $1 billion tax on oil production, as well as seek to delay about $2 billion in corporate tax changes scheduled to take effect in January. …

They have not ruled out extending 2009 tax hikes on vehicles and income that are due to expire within the next year.

Hey, why not. Go for it. I’m tired of opposing tax increases. Taxes always go up, anyway. So why get heartburn over it?

Besides, there are some benefits for increasing taxes. Doing so will kill jobs. So more folks will default on their homes. That will drive down Taxifornia’s still-way-to-high housing prices.

Currently, as Yogi might put it: In California housing prices are too high for anybody to live here.

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