Don't throw that pie!

Katy Grimes: Mark Standriff came close to getting a pie in his face today. The California Republican Party Communications Director held a press conference at the Capitol this morning and found himself face to face with angry SEIU members, teachers and parents, over the CRP’s “recipe” for avoiding the Democrats’ “half-baked” budget solutions.

The CRP announced the press conference yesterday. Today, a tepid response came from Democrats with a pie sale, called the “Half Baked Sale,” held around the corner from the CRP event.

Ages 8 and up: Seems simple, right?

Standriff came uncomfortably close to receiving a fully baked pie in the face as he spoke to local media about the CRP’s criticism of the Democrats’ budget proposals. One woman, wearing the traditional purple SEIU t-shirt, hovered perilously near Standriff’s elbow as he spoke to media. But before she could deliver the pie, state Capitol police quietly spoke to her, successfully dissuading her from defacing Mr. Standriff during his conference.

And as police kept a close watch on the small group of other visibly angry SEIU and teacher protesters, several other Capitol mounted police galloped in from other areas of the Capitol grounds to assist if necessary.

The potential pie throwing however did not overshadow Standriff’s message. Stressing that the budget talks should also include the other 90 percent of California workers who are not state employees, Standriff stressed that Democrats seem only to care about protecting government jobs instead of helping to provide an environment in the state where jobs and opportunity flourish.
Standriff produced an Easy-Bake Oven to assist legislators in their budget talks, and to help avoid “half-baked budget solutions.” Concerned that Democrats are using “a recipe to destroy our livelihoods,” Standriff, with media in tow walked to the second floor office of Assembly Speaker John Perez, where Standriff tried to present the Easy-Bake Oven to the Speaker. Standriff waited for the Speaker… and he waited.

A representative from Perez’s office finally came out of the office. When Standriff offered the oven to her, she said, “We don’t accept gifts.”

“Really?” asked Standriff.

“We don’t accept gifts,” came the reply a second time.

After the conference Standriff said that there were only government workers at the Democrats’ rally, held just before the Republican’s press conference. Standriff asked protesters if they were selling the pies. When he was told they were giving them away, he commented, “It isn’t surprising that the Democrats would hold a bake sale, and then give the pies away.”

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