The Meginator…

Katy Grimes: I’ve heard Gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman described as Arnold Schwarzenegger, only less articulate.

Ouch. However, after her appearance on the John and Ken show earlier in the week, I agree. I read the very painful transcript.

Should Meg win, political insiders are already calling it “Arnold’s fourth term.”

Politicians who stand for absolutely nothing, eventually get caught during unscripted moments. They can’t control everything, even with $130 million.

A lifetime of straddling the political fence does not make good politics. Nor does it make for a shoe-in election. Sincerity, on the other hand, on either side of the political fence, shines through the crap like a beacon.

Which explains why so many politicians are full of it.

The Meginator is no Arnold Schwarzenegger… who is no Clint Eastwood… who was no politician, but at least had the sense to go back to acting after one term.

Meg may know how to read a profit and loss statement, but she’s failing Politics For Dummies.

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