“Delivering For Sacramento”

Katy Grimes: Congresswoman Doris Matsui, D-Sacramento, must have an interesting mailing list. Some people in her Sacramento district receive her mailed puff pieces, and others do not.  I am guessing that I am not on the A-list.

A friend of mine, who is of another political persuasion and lives in my downtown Sacramento neighborhood, received Matsui’s recent three-panel, full color brochure, touting her hard work to bring home plenty of bacon for the Capitol city.

And, below the mailing label, it reads, “This mailing was prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer expense.”

So, why didn’t I get one of her brochures too? I pay taxes and live in her district.

Demonstrating that she’s in a political time warp, Matsui’s textbook political rhetoric on the front of the printed piece reads, “I go to work every day to fight to get more Sacramentans back to work, grow our economy, restore the confidence in our financial system, protect our communities, and help keep Americans in their homes. And I won’t stop until Sacramento families are back at work – and back on their feet.”

Only the kitchen sink was left out of this Politics-1A statement, because Matsui, as with most politicians, is probably not exactly telling the truth. She has no “plan.” Matsui resides in her deceased husband’s congressional seat — and even the far more loveable Bob Matsui was way behind the times.

Neither Bob nor Doris Matsui disclosed Bob’s terminal illness to Sacramento voters during his 2005 reelection campaign, essentially tricking voters and longtime supporters. And sadly, Bob Matsui passed away right after he was re-elelcted. Then, shortly thereafter, Doris Matsui was elected to her husband’s seat, with the overwhelming support of the Democratic National Party. In a legacy family seat often referred to as “The Matsui Seat,” Sacramento residents have even heard rumors of Matsui planning to “hand the seat off” to her son, Brian Matsui.

Matsui worked as a Washington lobbyist for the law firm of Collier, Shannon, Scott, only after working at the White House as deputy special assistant to the president and deputy director of public liaison, until she was elected to Congress in 2005.

Matsui claims to have been a champion for consumer protections, and her brochure says that she “called for an immediate moratorium on foreclosures to prevent destabilizing the housing market” in 2008. “And she has consistently fought against the big bank’s culture of putting profits before their customers…”


Matsui also touts her support of President Obama’s national health care bill, claiming her involvement with “key provisions that Congresswoman championed to make preventive care more affordable,” and pushing “coverage of dependent children under the age of 26.”

Politicians like Matsui have been around too long, and are mostly ineffective to deal with the dramatic changes occurring in America today. Some are realistic, but Matsui is not.

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