Arnold should blame himself

John Seiler:

Reports Capitol Alert:

Speaking today at the Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce, the Republican governor had no qualms about attacking public employee unions, whom he blamed for high costs everywhere in government.

On pension costs: “All of a sudden you have to take money away from prisons, all of a sudden you have to take money away from higher education, from child care, from In-Home Supportive Services. From all of those programs that are very important, they are being robbed blind by the pensions of public employees.”

What a phony. He’s the one who caved in to the unions on pay, pensions, budgets and tax increases. He could have stopped the madness, but he wanted to be popular. Now he’s ruined the state and wants to blame somebody else. Even Gray Davis had more fiscal discipline.

And who brought back Gray Davis’ cabinet secretary, Susan Kennedy, to be his chief of staff? Arnold did.

At least Arnold will be gone soon.

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