Budget Vote Imminent?

Katy Grimes and Anthony Pignataro:

Yeah, right.

Though you wouldn’t  believe how tense the Capitol is right now. Both parties in the Assembly went into caucus today, only to emerge more than an hour later looking grave. Tempers are short, staffers are flying in and out of the Assembly chamber and there’s a real urgency in the air — so much so that Assemblyman Dave Jones, D-Sacramento, even forgot to wear a tie on the Assembly floor today.

Yesterday Alicia Trost, spokesperson for Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, told CalWatchdog that a budget vote on Tuesday, Aug. 30 was “not possible.” But according to various Tweets from capitol news sources, such a vote may, in fact, be imminent:

@AraceliMartinez: A long day on Monday and a expected budget vote on Tuesday, Sen. Steinberg says.

@KQED_CapNotes: Of course, news flash: considering Dems hate Guv’s plan & GOP hates Dem plan.. Tues #cabudget votes will be pro forma.

@ShaneGoldmacher: Budget votes set for Tuesday. Dems’ plan and Guv’s plan to be taken up. Speeches to follow. Neither expected to pass. http://bit.ly/b8uz0f

Of the three, Goldmacher says it best. The whole Capitol is gearing up, drawing to edge and doing all sorts of other cliches so that it can hold votes in four days that will ultimately mean nothing.

You read it here first.

Posted Aug. 27, 2010

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