Katy Grimes has up a great new article demystifying Prop. 23, which would reverse AB 32 (much as the numbers are reversed).

My prediction is that Prop. 23 will fail, something like 52-48. Its failure then will crash the economy. The next governor, either Brown or Whitman, then will suspend it for a year. But that won’t be good enough. As Whitman should know, businesses plan years ahead. They will plan to leave AB32ifornia.

Consider AB32 itself. Just try to read it. It’s 32 pages of legalese gibberish. Here’s the key section on suspending AB 32:

38599. (a) In the event of extraordinary circumstances, catastrophic events, or threat of significant economic harm, the Governor may adjust the applicable deadlines for individual regulations, or for the state in the aggregate, to the earliest feasible date after the deadline.

(b) The adjustment period may not exceed one year unless the Governor makes an additional adjustment pursuant to subdivision (a).

(c) Nothing in this section affects the powers and duties established in the California Emergency Services Act (Chapter 7 (commencing with Section 8550) of Division 1 of Title 2 of the Government Code).

(d) The Governor shall, within 10 days of invoking subdivision (a), provide written notification to the Legislature of the action undertaken.

So, can the governor suspend AB32 for more than one year? Who knows?

If you’re a business, especially a small one without high-powered environmental lawyers, such uncertainty is intolerable. So, to AB32ifornia it’s Hasta la vista, baby — to use one of the movie lines some screenwriter stuffed in Arnold’s mouth.

This time next year, California employment will be 15 percent or higher, worst in the nation. Whole industries, like the cement industry, will be leaving. It won’t just be “dirty energy” companies like Tesoro and Valoro calling for repeal. An initiative will be placed on the Feb. 7, 2012 primary, this time totally repealing AB 32, not just delaying it.

Meanwhile, the evidence against he “global warming” hoax will continue to mount.

Democrats, having lost the House and maybe the Senate in November 2012, will be panicking. They’ll be running away from the global-warming, AB 32 issue.

Big businesses, such as those Katy described, will still fund the campaign to keep AB 32. They want their subsidized profits, no matter how many real jobs are killed. Arnold will be long gone, skiing in Gstaad.

Meg Whitman, if she’s elected governor, will be eager to get the vice-presidential nod. So, unlike this time, she’ll back repealing AB 32 to appease conservatives around America.

On Feb. 7, 2012, voters will repeal AB 32.


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  1. EastBayLarry
    EastBayLarry 9 September, 2010, 07:18

    Sounds like hard times ahead, but if this is what it takes to gets this abortion repealed, then so be it.

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  2. Tylerle13
    Tylerle13 9 September, 2010, 12:18

    To be honest, I bet you that companies will be packing their bags no matter what. Businesses in California pay the highest taxes, high labor costs, high real estate costs, one of the most ridiculous regulatory environments in the history of man kind, and are constantly in danger of some moronic law like AB32 coming from the wacko’s in Sacramento. There is no reason for businesses to come here or stay here.

    Even green companies have no reason to come here. They can get subsidized in any state in the country, and they wont have to pay outragous taxes, the labor is cheaper, the land/buildings are cheaper, and they dont have to worry about some legislator who is clinically insane pushing through some law that will literally decimate the entire state economy & remove any profitability from the businesses in the state, all based on fake scientific studies.

    Listen to the speeches from politicians from every state & country. Every single state claims that the future of their state is being the “Hub” for “Green Technology”. How is it that every state is going to be the “Silicon Valley” of “Green Tech”? If every state is trying to attract the same companies, why would those companies choose the location that is only offering the same tax cuts & subsidies as every other state, but they have the highest taxes, the highest labor costs, highest real estate costs, and the biggest clown house of legislators? And if a company would choose that location, they sure as hell wont be around long enough to make a difference since their choice of location clearly demonstrates that they do not have the business scence to make financially beneficial decisions for their company.

    AB32, CARB, & all of the clowns who made it happen have confirmed everyones view of Califonria being the Socialists home of Fruit & Nuts. They have driven businesses out of the state in record numbers, they have led to our education system being similar to 3rd world countries, our buildings & roads are in the same class as our education system, 1 out of every 6 people is unemployed, we have a forclosure rate that is probably in line with Detroit, and our state is basically Bankrupt. And we have acheived all of this with the most abusive tax structure in the country. And to make it worse, we have the most economically damaging laws ever seen in this country which are being created by an unelected board of 11 radical enviornmentalists whose ethical make-up makes Blago look like the damn Pope. And all of this was happening while the frauds in Sacramento were arguing about grocery bags.

    If PROP 23 does fail, this state’s economy will collapse. There is absolutely no way that California can lure enough “Green” companies to offset the hemmoraging of jobs that CARB & AB32 is causing. The cost of doing business in CA is so outrageous that no smart business person would set up shop here when they have comperable deals on the table from dozens of other states, who are more stable & more business friendly. If left with the power that they currently have, CARB will be the main factor in the demise of most California businesses.

    If you care about CA you will VOTE YES ON PROP23!

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