Gov. Schwarzentaxer und Prop. 23

John Seiler:

Maybe there is hope for Prop. 23, which would save our jobs by repealing AB 32. AB 32, of course, is “Der Global Warmung und Jobs Killing Diktat von 2006.”

The man who signed it into law, Gov. Arnold Schwarzentaxer, is out campaigning against Prop. 23. I encourage him to campaign ceaselessly against Prop. 23, up and down the state. And he ought to do it in his gas-guzzling Bentley, pictured here.

Given that he’s the most unpopular governor in California history, that means a lot of folks will say, “Anything he’s against, I’m for.”

Remember his longtime slogan, “Join Arnold”? (He still has the URL up.)

Now, it’s Join Against Arnold.

Sept. 27, 2010

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