Meg's amateurish response

John Seiler: As I’ve been writing, despite spending more than $120 million (so far), Meg Whitman’s campaign is amateurish. The Nannygate scandal shows that.

When the scandal broke, what she should have said was, “I’ve been saying all along that I will create jobs for Latinos and Jerry Brown would destroy them. This is a great example. I hired a poor Latina and gave her $23 an hour. Now Jerry is attacking me for it! That’s because he wants to kill Latino jobs.”

That should be her only position. At the debate on Saturday on Univision, that should be her answer. If the question is, “How can you explain the Social Security letter for your maid?” Then Meg should respond, “I’ve been saying all along that I will create jobs for Latinos and Jerry Brown would destroy them,” etc.

And so on. Just stay on message.

Can’t any Republicans campaign to win?

OCT. 1

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  1. Martha Montelongo
    Martha Montelongo 2 October, 2010, 02:00

    Bravo John! Bravo!

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  2. Brandy
    Brandy 2 October, 2010, 17:36

    Good for Gloria Allred!!!

    If this is true and it can be proven and if Meg Whitman Knew??????

    this gives an indication of how California and its inhabitants could be USED and ABUSED until no longer needed by Meg Whitman.

    Also it is not true that Gloria Allred only shows up for California elections. She also represented Charlotte Lewis’s twenty something old case against Roman Polanski (which allegedly occurred in France?) which many Republican media outlets have CONveniently forgotten with their spin.

    Many Republican media outlets were EXTREMELY HAPPY about Gloria Allred’s representation of British actress Charlotte Lewis in the Roman Polanski extradition case which IN THE END FAILED MISERABLY, since the Swiss Justice were not convinced of any extreme need to extradite Roman Polanski. In fact they found the extradition request by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Steve Cooley’s Office WANTING!!!

    So does this mean that Republicans only become UNHAPPY when Gloria Allred – by representing an illegal worker challenges how a Republican running for governor of California may have mishandled her undocumented worker, by blaming the worker’s illegality onto the worker BUT only IN THE END – WHILE MEANWHILE using her for 9 years at low pay and with the power over the worker that she is ILLEGAL.

    Thanks Gloria Allred …More Lawyers are needed in California to even out the playing field in power inequities!!!!!!

    AND it does not matter if it happens via powerful male against a weaker female or powerful female against undocumented and thus weaker female. The dynamic is exactly the same!!!

    The worker should have received the pay and benefits that were due to her and the Whitman family should have let her go years earlier, AND NOT LEAVE IT TO THE LAST MINUTE when Meg was running for California Gov and then cut her off with nothing to COLDLY COMPLY WITH CALIFORNIA LAW.

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