California needs a political 'Gong Show'

California needs a political 'Gong Show'

John Seiler:
Oct. 4, 2010

Remember the old “Gong Show“? People would display some talent, such as singing or playing an instrument. Judges then would decide if the person had any competence. For the incompetent ones, a large gong was sounded. It was hosted by Chuck Barris. At age 81, he still could host the “Political Gong Show.”

We could have used it after Saturday’s Brown-Whitman debate, which devolved into wrangling about Meg’s illegal nanny. Don’t we have more important issues, such as the budget? A stifling government? Jobs dying like Medflies sprayed with malathion? It was the incompetent vs. the screwball.

Gong! Gong!

For politicians, those gonged-out would be replaced by their runners-up in the primary. Steve Poizner would take over for Meg. Chuck Pineda would take over for Jerry.

If Steve and Chuck didn’t work out, they would be gonged, too. And so on. Until we got some decent candidates.

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