Budget Web Get Stickier

Katy Grimes: The tangled web, known as the California budget, is getting stickier by the day, and filled with more flies.

Tongues are wagging under the dome with the alleged “budget agreement.”

According to Capitol insiders, one of the last big hang ups in budget talks is that the Democrats have slipped a provision into the Transportation trailer bill, which would prevent city and state officials from towing cars belonging to illegal aliens. 

Capitol insiders report that Democrats say it was agreed to in the meeting of the Big five, but Republicans deny that there was an agreement.

The state has a $20 billion budget hole and Democrats are talking about illegal immigrants having their cars towed.

How could this happen anyway, if city officials and police are not allowed to ask the owner of an illegally parked vehicle  if he or she is a legal resident of the state?

And how is this equal treatment under the law?

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.” – Sir Walter Scott

OCT. 5, 2010

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