Budget Is A Fraud

Steven Greenhut: This is what we get from the state Legislature — a fraudulent budget deal more than three months late. As the LA Times explained today, it relies heavily on DC handouts (fat chance) and “if approved would fall out of balance almost the moment the ink dried. … But, mostly, they settled on accounting sleight-of-hand: deferred payments, borrowed money and optimistic revenue assumptions.” Basically, it’s as if I decided to balance my check book by not paying some bills, assuming my mom is going to send me some cash and figuring that I’ll get a raise or more freelance work next month — and knowing that by Monday I’ll already be behind on bills again. I’d be upset except that my expectations for the Legislature are so low that this is pretty much what I thought would happen.

OCT. 7

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  1. John Seiler
    John Seiler 7 October, 2010, 18:07

    Steve, I’m following your suggestion! I just maxed out my credit cards and bought a new Mercedes. I’ll pay for it with the lottery ticket I bought. The jackpot for the Oct. 9 drawing is “guaranteed” to be $30,000,000.00!

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  2. dhg2
    dhg2 8 October, 2010, 08:58

    You get what you vote for. Are Californians smart enough to change the make up of Sacramento this November? I’ve been waiting a long time for Californians to wake up and throw the never was – has been crooks out of office. We’ll see next month.

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