Prop 19 may go up in smoke

Katy Grimes: A new poll just released shows that Proposition 19 may be just a pothead’s pipe dream, and could actually go up in smoke.

Instead of reaching an all time high with the proposition as supporters expected, a new Reuters/lpsos poll found 53 percent of California voters are opposed to the measure.

And, the Christian Science Monitor reported that the “Yes on 19” campaign  is out of money.

With less than 50 percent support in the polls so close to close to the election, historically means that a proposition will most likely fail.

Democrats support the legalization of marijuana 54 percent to 45 percent, but Republicans oppose it 66 percent to 30 percent. Independents are nearly evenly divided. 

Opponents of legalization tried to nip the issue in the bud before it made it to the ballot, but were unable to weed out supporters.

Okay, I’ll stop. Pot jokes are best left to Cheech and Chong.

OCT. 12, 2010

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