Nichols to California: Drop Dead

John Seiler:

Consider the revealing quote in this article about CARB Commissar Mary Nichols, concerning CARB’s Friday decision to impose jobs-killing cap-and-trade edicts:

Nichols noted concerns that the new regulations and its subsequent costs could burden the state’s economy, and that California is taking action while similar requirements do not exist nationwide. But, she said, there is more to lose by waiting than by acting now.

“Indeed, adoption of a program like this is probably California’s best insurance against future recessions,” Nichols said, adding that a cap-and-trade program will maintain the state’s status as a magnet for investments in green technology.

She doesn’t care about you, your job, or California today, which is in deep recession. She imperiously “noted concerns” about lost jobs. She only cares about imposing the jobs-killing, climate Lysenkoism ideology behind AB 32 and the Stalinist “cap and trade” scheme on California.

The commissar says it’ll all pay off, somehow, some day, in preventing “future recessions.”

That’s also straight from the Soviet economic book, which always was demanding sacrifices from the toiling masses, with the promise of a “radiant future” of prosperity and plenty.

Central planning won’t work any better here than it did in Sovietland. It will only bring misery, unemployment, and exile.

Dec. 19, 2010

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