A Name Change!

Anthony Pignataro:

One of my jobs around here is to monitor the CalWatchdog Twitter feed (we’re @CalWatchdog, if you’d like to follow us). Most people we follow — journalists, political consultants, legislators and the like — will send out a Tweet (a 140-character message, sometimes witty, sometimes merely informative) now and then.

Not Rachelle Chong (@rachellechong), the former state Public Utilities Commission member. She’ll send out a blast of five, six or more Tweets, one after the other. And though Chong is an attorney specializing in telecommunicatons law who also served a term on the Federal Communications Commission during Bill Clinton’s administration, she comes across on Twitter as an energetic, bubbly, even frantic chatterbox. Here are five Tweets she sent out shortly before noon on Dec. 22, which when strung together actually form a coherent, if exuberant, paragraph:

“The State of California’s ‘Office of the Chief Information Office’ [sic] morphs into the ‘California Technology Agency’ on January 1, 2011! It’s been a privilege and a pleasure to work at the State’s OCIO! While a small agency, we have been greening the state’s IT systems… consolidating state servers, pushing for faster broadband in the state, promoting digital literacy in our state… updating our state’s websites to be more attractive and consumer friendly, introducing social media to our tools, updating our 9-1-1 systems and more! It’s been great fun for me to work with this wonderful group! And now, a name change!”

Got all that? Good!

DEC. 22, 2010

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