Tunisia, Egypt, California, America

Tunisia, Egypt, California, America

John Seiler:

First Tunisia. Now Egypt. Next, California. Out-of-touch ruling elites are tumbling everywhere.

Tunisia and Egypt have been ruled by elites in power for decades. Egyptian boss Hosni Mubrarak has been working to set up his son, Gamal, as his successor.  That can’t be California — can it?

Except the Brown Family Dynasty has been running California for decades. Current Gov. Jerry Brown’s father, Pat, was governor five decades ago. And Brown pere became California’s attorney general way back in 1950, when King Farouk (pictured below right) still was monarch of Egypt. Farouk’s dynasty dissolved long ago, but the Brown Dynasty lives on.

Soon, California will have its own revolution against our state Pharaohs. We don’t know what form it will take. But the state has been misgoverned for so long — by Gov. Pete “Tax Increaser” Wilson, Gov. Gray “Tax Increaser” Davis, Gov. Arnold “the Clown Tax Increaser” Schwarzenegger, and Gov. Jerry “Tax Increaser” Brown — that revolution is in the air. Republican or Democrat, it hasn’t made any difference. The oppression just gets worse.

Do we have elections? So does Egypt. In both cases, the elections are farces. In California, the governors — and legislators — promise to balance the budget and promote economic growth and jobs growth, but then do the opposite.

In both places, the government favors the elites while crushing the common people. In California, the elites are the Silicon Valley billionaires now profiting from the jobs-killing AB 32’s ripoffs, and the pampered sector of government workers with their massive pay, perks, pleasures and pensions. We’re just their slaves. Now we’re ready for a slave revolt.

People across the globe finally are sick of being squashed by these favored, bloated elites, and are rebelling in rage against the machine.

California is next.

And as California goes, so goes America.

Here’s a taste of it:

Jan. 28, 2011

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  1. David from Oceanside
    David from Oceanside 29 January, 2011, 09:10

    I wish I shared Mr. Seiler’s high regard for the people of CA. Perhaps the revolution will happen on an off night for American Idol or Dancing With the Stars and he will be proven correct.

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  2. SkippingDog
    SkippingDog 31 January, 2011, 21:53

    Let’s see, you didn’t like Reagan as Governor either, but you did like him as President. That leaves us with only George Deukmejian as your ideal Governor? Really???

    The biggest reason California is so screwed up now is because we’re still dealing with the effects of the last state revolution, which brought us Proposition 13 and effectively eliminated local control of school finance while making existing property owners an elite low-tax class and providing a true windfall for commercial property owners like Howard Jarvis and friends.

    I know, California has a lot of other troubles brought on by immigration (legal and otherwise), changing demographics, and the wearing out of the state infrastructure primarily created by the senior Gov. Brown in the early 60’s.

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