On Wisconsin! On to CA!

John Seiler:

The best part about the turmoil in Wisconsin is that the government there is jammed up. AP reports:

Wisconsin’s budget stalemate over union bargaining rights shows no sign of resolution – and it could be a long wait.

The governor isn’t budging. AWOL Democrats aren’t planning to come back. And, despite talk of deadlines and threats of mass layoffs, the state doesn’t really have to pass a budget to pay its bills until at least May. Even then, there may be other options that could extend the standoff for months.

As the teenagers like to put it: YES!!

Writes Robert Wenzel (who has a great blog on economics): “Just think, no new laws, no new regulations and no new taxes can be passed in the state of Wisconsin.”

That’s what we need here with California’s Legislature: total gridlock. Don’t put Gov. Brown’s tax-increase vote on the ballot. Don’t enact any laws. Don’t pass a budget.

Do only one thing: Leave us alone.

March 3, 2011

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