On Breast Feeding and Housekeeping

Katy Grimes: We all know that the government is infringing on our personal liberties more and more. Legislators just don’t seem to get the message that we want less of them, and not more of their ridiculous decisions encroaching on our parenting, personal lives and business. With the high-level of arrogance of lawmakers who impose nanny laws, mandatory therapy should be the prescription… but the elected narcissists would probably like it.

Decisions about family, education, diet, money, cars, homes… you name it, and we have been invaded by the government at every level under the guise of caring for our well-being.

And now, women having babies will be required to breast feed. Hospitals will be required to force women to breast feed, thanks to Democratic Senators Fran Pavely and Kevin DeLeon.

SB 502 would require “all general acute care hospitals and special hospitals that have perinatal units to have an infant-feeding policy and to clearly post that policy. The infant-feeding policy shall apply to all infants in a perinatal unit.”

And I thought the LaLeche League was pushy.

Most woman agree that breast feeding is a good idea. We don’t need two bossy legislators to order hospitals to require this of new mothers.

And in another area of domesticity…

In honor of Meg Whitman’s undocumented housekeeper, the “Nicky Diaz” bill is another nanny bill.  AB 889, authored by Democratic Assembly members Tom Ammiano and V. Manuel Perez would “specially regulate the wages, hours, and working conditions of domestic work employees, and would, among other things, provide a private right of action for a domestic work employee when those regulations are violated by his or her employer; provide an overtime compensation rate for domestic work employees; require annual pay increases, paid vacation, and paid sick days for domestic work employees; and require that a domestic work employer provide written notice of termination 21 days in advance.”

Currently, domestic workers are excluded from the existing law requiring an employer to carry workers’ compensation insurance. The failure to secure workers’ compensation as required by the workers’ compensation law is a misdemeanor. This bill would delete the exclusion for domestic workers.

Are homeowners and small businesses going to be required to carry workers comp insurance for housekeepers and landscapers, and pay minimum wage and adhere to all state labor laws?

The bill also states that domestic workers are required to take a break after five hours of work, and are entitled to sick pay and vacation time.

And, (hold on for this one) “A domestic work employer shall permit a domestic work employee who works five hours or more to choose the food he or she eats and to prepare his or her own meals. A domestic work employer shall permit a domestic work employee may to use the job site’s kitchen facilities and kitchen appliances without charge or deduction from pay.”

Nanny laws are offensive enough – mothers don’t need to be forced to breast feed and all hospitals already encourage new mothers to do so for the health of the newborn baby.

But AB 889 is another job killer. What is next – health insurance and matching pensions after Democratic Sen. Darrell Steinberg unionizes the domestic workers?  That’s where this is headed.

While Republicans are trying to get rid of regulations, Democrats continue imposing business-restricting regulations and liberty-stealing laws.

There are elementary schools that will not allow parents to provide a bag-lunch for kids any more. “Educators” have decided that only they are capable of feeding our children. Cities won’t let employees wear perfume to work. Smoking in public parks is banned. Hair-braiding is being regulated. Tattoo artists will need a license…. it never stops.

California Lawmakers are abusing their power by attempting to become the custodian for residents of the state, starting with our children. And in the meantime, they are killing business, killing the entrepreneurial spirit, and taking away liberties and rights. And while some of these laws sound so stupid, many of them will make it through the committee process and become law with this Democratically-controlled legislature and governor.

“Nanny, may I” is going to be a way of life if voters don’t stop this now and support regulatory reform.

APRIL 13, 2011

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  1. John Seiler
    John Seiler 13 April, 2011, 08:42

    Incredible. Just more controls and higher costs to live in this state. Leave us alone!

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  2. David in Irvine
    David in Irvine 13 April, 2011, 12:16

    As bad as Ah-nuld may have been, at least he prevented a lot of this stuff from becoming law. I think it’s time to bring back Lloyd Levine’s elephant exercise laws for consideration.

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  3. CalWatchdog
    CalWatchdog Author 13 April, 2011, 12:54

    Ironically, I found myself in the Capitol lunchroom today surrounded by the marching domestic workers. They were eating a lunch provided by the organizers. After one organizer thanked them for their committee testimonials, he said “this is just the first step…” and then he caught himself.

    The workers were then instructed to descend upon legislators’ offices, and told “not to hit them,” should there be resistance to their messages. Apparently there was an incident earlier today involving hitting.

    Most of them were women, and do not speak English. Sadly, these folks do not realize that they are just pawns in an ugly game being run by unions.


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  4. larry 62
    larry 62 13 April, 2011, 13:13

    I don’t like foul language online, but WTF is wrong with these people in the legislature?

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  5. Adelita por libertad
    Adelita por libertad 15 April, 2011, 01:48

    I hope all the Hollywood libs who think it’s cool to support Dems because they’re so uh, liberal, are happy with all these new rules that will make them all need to hire office managers to manage all the red tape to be in compliance concerning domestic employees?

    Will they have to post the labor law codes and rights poster in the home kitchen where their servant is entitled to cook and eat her meals of preference?

    On nursing, sure nursing is great. I nursed, and was very open, vocal and supportive of the practice. But these politicians show no desire to have to waste any time winning people over to the practice of nursing because it’s best for the baby. Why should they bother with reason and persuasion by moral argument when they can simply pass a law where by if you disagree and do not conform, voila, you’re a criminal and charged. They might even sick Child Protective Service on you if you don’t obey the rule of law and “endanger” your baby.

    The legislators are true statists! They declare the rules because they know they can, and people, they must presume, will tolerate their impositions, no matter what. After all, libs elected them. They saved the people of CA from having to deal with right wing puritanical conservatives. So no matter how many laws this crop of control freaks come up with, the legislators in charge behave as if they are well aware that their seats are safe. They must feel pretty sure the people will put up with all of their abuse so long as it’s done to them by their elected officials with a cool D next to their name.

    The libs in CA fearing the “far” right, have helped secure total power to a collective group of statists who can’t help themselves by limiting their gluttonous grabs of power. They work feverishly to put as many rules upon all of us as possible and they can see no threat to stop them anywhere on the horizon.

    I can imagine the wealthy Silicon Valley libs, along with the entertainment libs, all affronted when they realize these rules these legislators, their darling Dems, keep prolifically creating, apply to them as well. May be, just may be, they’ll rebel and help what’s left of the middle class in CA, and stop feeding the beast.

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