When I Went To Harvard …

Steven Greenhut: Did I tell you about when I went to Harvard* (on a class trip in seventh grade)? I’m just kidding. I never had such a class trip and I certainly never attended Harvard. But politicians love to inflate their resumes hoping that no one pays attention to the fine print. Inflating academic degrees is common. Assembly Speaker John Perez got caught in an embarrassing situation after it was revealed that he dropped out of Berkeley, and didn’t graduate as has been stated and reported repeatedly over the years. It doesn’t really matter and it’s not clear whether he or anyone in his office peddled this nonsense — even though his official bios until recently claimed that he graduated from Cal. Perez is a union activist who knows little to nothing about what makes a state operate successfully, dropout or not. He ain’t no brain surgeon. Still, pols ought to look carefully at their bios and the little fibs they might include. Voters don’t care and the potential embarrassment isn’t worth it. By the way, reporters are now looking at everyone’s bios. Stay tuned.

MAY 19

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