Republicans Selling Out

John Seiler:

As I expected, Gov. Jerry “Tax ‘Em Till They Drop” Brown is cadging enough Republican votes for his tax increases. Key quote from the L.A. Times story:

He and Republicans have largely settled, however, on a core package of policy overhauls to be enacted if a tax deal can be forged soon. Those include a new restraint on state spending to force California to use any future windfalls to pay down tens of billions of dollars in debt incurred by past budgets.

In addition, public employees would have the option of a retirement package that would include a 401(k), according to legislative staffers who spoke on condition of anonymity because budget negotiations are still in progress.

You can bet that the “new restraint on state spending” will be toothless, as have been all the others since the Gann Limit was effectively repealed in 1990.

And as to a 401(k) option for government workers, they did that in Orange County, and few took the option because the taxpayer-backed government pension option was so much better.

When Republicans sell out on this, they will only make their party even more irrelevant in California.

June 8, 2011

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