Do ‘strong men’ vote conservative?

April 12, 2012

By John Seiler

According to the Telegraph, a Brit paper, a survey shows that “strong men” vote conservative. Such men…

“tend to build up their upper body strength and become subconsciously obsessed with their fighting ability, they told the journal Human Nature….

“Researchers cite muscle-bound Hollywood action heroes like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris and Sylvester Stallone as evidence that aggression is linked to conservative politics.

“And it may all stem from the hunter-gatherer instincts of macho men — which are a hangover of out cavemen origins when the strongest ruled the roost.”

The article is accompanied by a picture of Arnold in his Conan-era, pumped-up prime.

Didn’t they know what Arnold actually did in California? He’s a short list:

* Like a liberal, he imposed a record, $13 billion tax increase.

* Like a liberal, he went on a wild spending binge in the mid-2000s.

* Like a liberal, he imposed AB 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, which is gutting the economy.

* Like a liberal, in 2007 he tried to impose a socialized medicine scheme.

I could go on. But if you live in California, you remember his governorship of liberal horrors — and are living through the wasteland aftermath.

And what’s this “hunter-gatherer” stuff? The main thing Arnold hunted in his life was steroids to inject into his body to artifically inflate his muscles. It’s like a woman getting implants.

Stallone and Norris are “conservative,” if by that is meant supporting Republicans. But are Republicans even conservatives? President Bush, who liked to preen like a macho movie star, increased spending so much he bankrupted the country; lost the unwise wars he started; and imposed vast new programs like No Child Left Behind and new Medicare drug benefits. No candidate in this year’s GOP presidential field favored repealing the benefits.

And what about left-wing macho actors? Alec Baldwin was tough in “The Hunt for Red October” and other films. Can’t get more left-wing than him.

Or how about Brad Pitt? A tough guy in numerous movies. According to, “As film star Brad Pitt has aged, the more publicly active he’s become in supporting political candidates and activist causes, including John Kerry in 2004, environmentalism, alternative fuels and energy-efficient cars, and global issues of trade, poverty and AIDS.”

Two characters he’s played are Achilles, the ultimate macho legend, and Jesse James, the most famous American gunslinger.

The study was conducted by researchers at Griffith University in Australia. Aussies have a reputation for being “Crocodile Dundee” tough. But, mate, if their taxpayers let their money be wasted on such worthless studies, then they’re as wimpy as such actual “girly men” as Arnold.




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  1. Beelzebub
    Beelzebub 12 April, 2012, 11:13

    I read something about Maria getting back together with Arnold. Has that woman no self-respect? He screwed the maid on Maria’s bed and sired a child through one of the acts. A reconciliation would not be an indicator of love IMO. It is the result of a broken and tarnished self-image.

    And what’s the status of the lawsuit against Arnold for commuting the sentence of Fabian Nunez’ kid, who was convicted of homicide, as he vacated the governor’s office? What a pig!

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